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What is Fiber?

Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses. Fiber, constructed of glass-cored fiber strands can literally move data at the speed of light, making them the latest and greatest technology. The fiber strands glass core means that connections are less affected by weather. And our fiber connects directly to your home or business. Let us repeat: you have incredibly fast fiber-optics connected directly to your home or business (so you don’t have to share service with your neighbors) providing you with the most modern connection available on the market.

Super-Fast Internet

Geneseo Communications combines the power of fiber with industry-leading equipment so that you can connect more devices to your Geneseo Communications provided wireless router or to your business systems. Speaking of speed, Geneseo Communications brings fiber all the way to your home or business, which makes you literally the fastest!

Fiber-Fast Facts

Geneseo Communications provides communications services through fiber-optic strands, rather than antiquated coax cable, providing faster and more reliable services – even during peak usage times.

Fiber connections are less affected by weather, thanks to its glass core.

Geneseo Communications fiber service connects directly to your home or business. Finally, broadband and internet service that goes above and beyond.

Geneseo Communications home internet router, the GigaCenter™, supports numerous devices at once while providing you with whole home wi-fi service.

The speed of fiber means you can download an HD movie, a song or even photos in seconds.

How Fiber Is Installed

Before you even hear about fiber service in your town, we’re working with the city to design the fiber optic paths throughout your community.

We partner with local contractors to help us build the duct-work and infrastructure needed to make your neighborhood fiber fast. Markers, flags, and digging may be required. Geneseo Communications will notify you in advance.

Our splicing team accesses each splice vault and pedestal throughout the city to fuse the individual fibers that will eventually connect to your home or business. Then we test the speed of light as it passes through the fiber to make sure your connection is Fiber-Fast.

When you request Geneseo Communications service, our team will connect the fiber from the pedestal to your home or business in preparation for installation.

See how we stack up!

100M High Speed FIBER Internet Geneseo Communications Mediacom
FASTER 100M Download / 100M Upload
Dedicated – Never Shared
100M Download / 10M Upload Shared with your neighbors
CHEAPER Year one - $59.95
Year two - $69.95
Year one  - $69.99
Year two  - $109.99 – OUCH!!!
RELIABLE 100% PURE FIBER Network all the way to your front door Some fiber linked to antiquated COAX CABLE
UNLIMITED UNLIMITED! Use as much data as you want! LIMITED DATA! – Go over and you PAY! Could result in a HUGE BILL!


Still not convinced? Read on . . .

SUPPORT 24 x 7 Superior Support
Mediacom Cable customer service and support is rated TERRIBLE!
Mediacom is ranked #693 out of the 938 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 25.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 701 ratings. This score rates Mediacom customer service and customer support as Terrible. Source: http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/Mediacom
WITH GENESEO COMMUNICATIONS You Get BIG SERVICE at BIG SAVINGS!!! *SAVE $40.04/mo- That’s over $480 a year
*Represents year two savings
Geneseo Communications offers an array of Internet plans and speeds. Mediacom has some too but here are few things you should know.

Mediacom caps data on its Internet plans. Here’s what can happen if you surpass their data limit:
CURBED DATA SPEED | Once you’ve passed the limit, your speed slows to a crawl.
OVERAGE FEES | Mediacom will hit you with an extra charge for surpassing your data limits.
DISCONNECTION | Your carrier could turn off your service.

Geneseo Communications doesn’t carry data caps. You just get fast, consistent speed for doing what you love on the Internet:
STREAM | Movies, music and more. Geneseo Communication’s dedicated line means you can connect multiple devices.
GAME | With fast upload and download speeds, Geneseo Communications creates the perfect storm for gamers. Don’t let spotty Internet derail your bid for the kingdom.
UPLOAD | Post videos, photos, and more to your blog and social media pages with ease. Why wait around to share with your friends and followers?
DOWNLOAD | Movies, games, music, large documents and more.




Dedication makes a difference. Cable providers split an Internet connection among as many as 500 customers. Geneseo Communications connects your home with a dedicated line, giving you fast, consistent speed you won’t share with anyone.

Your connection won’t slow down during peak usage time, as it might with cable. After or before work and school – that’s when Internet traffic reaches its peak. With Geneseo Communications, you won’t notice the difference.
Anytime, day or night, get the speed you need, with Geneseo Communications.



Cable companies specialize in that can’t-miss introductory price. But once the dust settles, you can expect surprise price hikes throughout your contract period. At Geneseo Communications we are up front and honest with our pricing. No sneaky monthly price increases here. You get fast, dependable Internet that serves up no surprises when you receive your monthly bill.

Your low price comes with whole home FREE WI-FI, plus you also have access to U.S.-based, 24-hour customer care.



Mediacom doesn’t stand a chance.

Pick the provider that offers fast, reliable Internet, that is invested in your local community. Pick Geneseo Communications!