Homepage Support

Welcome to the Geneseo Telephone Company Personal Home Page Support Center. Here you’ll find great information on how you can utilize your 5 mb of personal home page space from GTC. For starters, let’s go over some general information.

  • Your home page address, once it is complete, and uploaded to our server will be: http://web.geneseo.net/~yourusername. If your username is lucky your home page address would be http://web.geneseo.net/~lucky
  • Geneseo Telephone Company has made it policy from day one of being an internet service provider to NOT host commercial or personal adult related sites. So please, no porn.
  • Geneseo Telephone Company is the host of your site. We provide you a “place” to put it. You are responsible for designing, uploading and maintaining your pages.
  • Geneseo Telephone Company’s personal homepage space is for “hobby” type sites only. This means we don’t allow the selling of any products or services from this space.


Server Information

Where / How Do I Upload My Pages To?

WHERE? – You will need to create and edit the pages on YOUR system using a program of your choice. Once you’ve created them, you will need to upload them to our server. The address for our FTP server is ftp.geneseo.net and you will need to login with your username and password.

HOW? – You will need to use an FTP program to upload the pages. We would recommend CuteFTP. This program can be downloaded from the net at shareware.com. Once you get the program you will need to tell it the server address and the user name and password you will be connecting with. Once you’re able to establish a connection, you will need to follow the instructions on the rest of this page.

What Else?
The remainder of this page is specific to what happens on OUR server once you’re connected with an FTP program.

Regardless of which program you decide to use to create and upload your personal web pages, there are some standard routines that must happen on our server in order for your personal web page to be uploaded and work on our system.

First you will have established your FTP connection to our server using your username and password. This will be the same username and password that you use for getting online and retrieving your email.

Once your session is established you will be in your home directory by default. If you see files listed in your directory – LEAVE them there. These are critical to your account operating properly.

Within this home directory, you should see a folder called ‘www’. This is the folder in which you will upload all of your files. You may create sub-directories underneath the ‘www’ folder, but everything you want to be available on your page must reside in the www directory.

The “main page file” (the page that users will see first when they pull up your home page) must be called index.html. If it is called anything else the home page will not display.