Inside Wire Protection

Peace-of-mind – never worry about unexpected repair bills for your inside wiring

Inside Wire Protection


per month

Enjoy peace of mind and take the worry out of unexpected repair bills

Once telephone line wiring is installed in your home or business, maintaining it becomes your responsibility. Inside Wire Protection covers the diagnosis, repair, labor and/or replacement of wiring inside your home connected to telephones and internet without service call fees, hourly rates or the hassle of typical repair.

Included Features

  • Service problems diagnosed and repaired by a certified Geneseo Communications technician
  • Maintenance for approved wiring from the protector to each jack in your home
  • Repair of accidental damage to inside wiring or jacks due to normal wear and tear, natural aging of wire, and damage caused by rodents or other animals
  • Protection begins immediately for new customers and 6 weeks after enrollment for existing customers

This plan will cover the cost to repair or replace your telephone wiring between the network interface point (which is usually a gray box attached to the outside of your residence or business) up to and including your jacks inside the premises. Installation of non-standard wire is not covered under this plan; non-standard wire is wiring that does not meet telephone industry standards. Other restrictions may apply.

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