The Atkinson Fire Department received a donation from Henry County Telephone Company that put new state-of-the-art helmets in the hands, and on the heads, of the department’s 15 volunteer firefighters.

“Being a strong community partner is central to our mission as we are committed to advancing the communities we serve,” said Karen Kohne, President and CEO of Henry County Telephone Company. “Our firefighters and first responders put their lives on the line everyday to keep our communities safe. This funding will help ensure members of the Atkinson squad are well equipped to protect our families and stay safe on the job while doing so.”

 “We are truly grateful for Henry County Telephone Company’s support,” said Atkinson Fire Chief Bob Floming. “Our current helmets are 10-15 years old and need replaced. With their funds each of the 15 volunteer members of the department will be outfitted with a new helmet that not only meets National Fire Protection Association recommendations, but also includes technical upgrades to keep firefighters safe,” Floming added.  “The new helmets include a design that fits more securely and better handles exposure to heat, which will allow our firefighters to perform their job with a greater sense of confidence and security in the equipment they are utilizing,” he explained. “Henry County Telephone Company has afforded us to be outfitted with some of the most advanced technology on the market providing a superior level of protection to our firefighters when responding to the emergency needs of our area communities.”

About Henry County Telephone Company
Henry County Telephone Company is recognized as the area’s leader in high-speed internet and communication services providing data, voice and managed services in local and extended area markets through its high-quality advanced network.