Developer and Home Builders Program

We’re eager to work with you to ensure your homes are fiber-ready and future proofed with symmetrical internet speeds up to 2.5 Gigabits.

New Home Builder and owners.
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New ready to build development? Get pre-connected!

Avoid any potential disruptions to landscaping and have a fiber connection ready from Day-1 by having FiberMeFast service installed during the build. Your homebuyers will love having internet from the moment they move in.

Brand new neighborhood?

Want your homeowners to have access to the best Internet connection available today?

Contact us to find out how you can bring FiberMeFast Fiber to your neighborhood or partner with us to make FiberMeFast the exclusive fiber internet provider within your development.

A study by Carnegie Mellon determined that homes with access to Fiber To The Premise (“FTTP”) internet service are valued at 4.9% higher than the equivalent home without it. Now that high speed internet connections are as important as reliable electricity and clean water, home developers and builders are putting deliberate thought into how best to ensure FTTP technology is available in their neighborhoods and newly constructed homes. 

Earn $100 for each business or homeowner you refer!

We’ll give you $100 bill credit for each qualifying referral you make to FiberMeFast Home Services. Simply have your home buyer enter your referral code during the sign-up process. To get a referral code, email us or call us at 1.800.852.3611 and ask to speak with a member of our marketing team.

Preferred Vendor Assets

Introduce us as a preferred vendor by including our service information as part of your pre-construction consultation and build packets. Upon request we will supply you with digital and/or hard copy assets.

Check Fiber availability at

Enter an established home or business address near your current property or call our Customer Service Team at
800.852.3611. Keep in mind a new construction’s address may not be recognized yet, especially if the home is
not complete.

Disclaimer: At any time and without notice, GCI reserves the right to modify the Program, to suspend participation from any member whose actions are deemed to be in violation of the Program, to change the Program, or to cancel the Program. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other specials or promotions offered by GCI. Only members invited by GCI are eligible to participate in the Program. Participants in good standing, that subscribe to business level high-speed Internet service will receive $100 Referral Credit applied directly to their active account for each business or residential customer that they refer. Either a developer or a home builder can get this credit, but not both. A customer in good standing is defined as having no current past-due balance and follows all terms and conditions of service. Referral Credit is eligible for each referral that results in the successful installation of a new FTTP internet service. New customers are subscribers who reside within a GCI FTTP area and have not had internet service from GCI in the last 12 months. Following activation, new customer must submit payment in full for their first month of service for referring customer to receive $100 Referral Credit. Referral Credits expire and are revoked in the event of an interruption of service due to cancellation or termination for violation of terms and conditions of service prior to issuance of Credit. Referral Credits may not be transferred or redeemed for cash. Other restrictions may apply.