Alan AndersonDonald Anderson
Alan C. Anderson, (left) Chairman of the Board of Geneseo Communications, a position he has held since 2005, has announced his retirement. The announcement was made at the Geneseo Communications, Inc. Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.
Mr. Anderson’s career at Geneseo Communications has spanned over an impressive 61 years. Anderson began working for Geneseo Telephone Company when he was just 16 years old and still in high school. He continued working for the company while in college and up to the time he joined the United States Air Force where he served his country for 20 years. During his 20-year tenure in the Air Force Mr. Anderson advanced from Aviation Cadet to 2nd Lt. and at the time of his retirement from the Air Force, Lt. Colonel. Mr. Anderson returned to Geneseo and again joined the company as the Outside Plant Manager. During the next 34 years Mr. Anderson advanced in the company to Assistant General Manager, General Manager and President and CEO and member of the board. In 2003 Mr. Anderson retired from the company as President and CEO but remained on the board and was elected Board Chairman in 2005.

Mr. Anderson stated, “I am extremely proud of our family’s 74-year legacy as part of Geneseo Communications. We moved to Geneseo in 1941 when my father, Donald F. Anderson (right) was hired as General Manager of what was then known as Geneseo Cooperative Telephone Company. Under his leadership, the company grew from serving the town of Geneseo to providing service to a large portion of Henry County. The Company went from 10 to 15 people on a line who cranked the phone to get the operator, to all single party lines with touch tone dialing. He established agreements with Cambridge Telephone Company and Henry County Telephone Company that allowed for pooling of resources to the advantage of all three companies. It also was the first group of telephone companies in Illinois to provide 9-1-1 service.

When Alan returned in 1981, the telephone industry was just starting a major change known as “the breakup of AT&T”. It introduced competition to an industry that had always been considered a natural monopoly. As the industry went through the growing pains of competition over the next few years, Alan recognized that competition was going to have a major impact on the company. Under his guidance, the holding company, Geneseo Communications, and subsidiaries were formed to allow for competitive businesses. With the continued strong performance of the telephone company even in the competitive realm and successes of new competitive ventures in the subsidiaries, the value of Geneseo Communications increased by 2,150% over the next 34 years.

It has been a privilege to lead one of the top independent communication companies and work alongside some of the best professionals in the business,” said Alan Anderson. “Our family, along with the board of directors and employees has accomplished building a world class, market leading business, and I know the company will continue to be very successful. After more than 61 years with the company, with eighteen years on the board and 10 of those as chairman, it is time to hand over the reins to a new generation of leaders.”

On behalf of the entire Geneseo Communication’s organization including its employees, Board of Directors and shareholders, I want to recognize Alan for his outstanding contribution for over 61 years,” stated Scott Rubins, current President and Chief Executive Officer of Geneseo Communications, Inc. “He has been instrumental in the growth of the company as our strong results demonstrate. We have all benefitted a great deal from Alan’s extensive business and leadership experience, and he will be truly missed.”