Cambridge Telcom, Inc. (CTI), announced today its plan to launch an extensive fiber network project bringing high speed fiber-optic service to thousands of homes and businesses within the Village of Orion.

“As technology continues to grow and change, we know both homes and businesses want and need more speed,” says Matt Storm, General Manager of GCI & CTI. “Fiber changes everything and truly puts us ahead of any provider in the area. This investment will allow us to deliver the speeds customers want including those that are beyond the traditional services available today.”

The company has been providing high-speed fiber service within the area for several years with its original focus directed toward promoting technology and innovation by providing accessible ultra-high-speed broadband to area schools, colleges and major healthcare and business operations. With much success in past fiber expansion projects, CTI is ready to invest in yet another neighboring community and is excited to partner with the Village of Orion to bring ultra-fast fiber optic service to the homes and business residing there. The company hopes to begin construction within the coming weeks.

“It’s about helping customers be ‘future-ready,’” added Storm. “The need for high-speed broadband and data services are continually changing and customers are demanding faster speeds and increased bandwidth. Some providers claim to offer fiber optic internet. The truth is, if that fiber does not run all the way to your home or businesses then you are not truly getting the speed or reliability of a Fiber Optic Internet. Our Fiber goes all the way to your doorstep—not just to the curb. With this new fiber network, we’ll be able to meet customer’s future communication needs. Plus, they will have a local communication expert to engineer the network specifically to their business and residential requirements.”

This fiber-build is part of CTI’s strategy to expand fiber into neighboring communities providing the very latest in emergency, education and tele-health services as well as provide a superior residential broadband platform that will equip residential homes not only for today but for the future.

To learn more about CTI’s fiber plans please visit their web site at WWW.FIBERMYCITY.COM.