Geneseo Communications Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the award of $2,000 to Geneseo Community School District #228 to purchase iPad styluses.

The school district has invested in iPad technology, which is dominant in the K-5 classrooms. Styluses are pens that work with the touch technology system of the iPad, therefore allowing students to “write” on specific applications that are found on the iPads. The ability to write in certain applications benefits the fine motor skills of students while still using the technology. Additionally, styluses improve time-on-task in many student applications and projects, especially for younger students and students with fine motor skill challenges. The styluses will benefit over 400 students in the three elementary schools.

The Geneseo Communications Charitable Foundation (GCCF) was established in 2002 by Geneseo Communications, Inc. to enhance, develop and benefit the Geneseo Community and surrounding areas.

GCCF grant applications can be found at here and can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Applications are reviewed quarterly and all local 501(c)3 organizations are encouraged to apply.

Geneseo Communications, Inc. has a long, proud history of service and commitment to our local communities. We are honored to give back to local organizations that make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends.