For years, the best option for internet with a bundled pay TV service has been cable. When it works, it can provide an adequate connection, but it’s susceptible to weather-related outages, peak hour slowdowns, and bandwidth limitations. Not to mention its data limits, overage fees and continued price increases.

Fortunately, something better is now available: fiber internet from FiberMeFast powered by Geneseo Communications. But why is fiber better than your past service options? We’re so glad you asked. Read on for three reasons area residents and businesses prefer fiber internet from Geneseo Communications.

#1: The Freedom of Fiber

Cable internet providers want you to be dependent on them for both your internet and television access.

When you switch to fiber internet, you have the freedom of choice. You can cut the cord on cable TV (and those expensive bills!) and enjoy many options for watching live television or streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. And the best part is, we have a FREE tool to help you find the best streaming option for you and your family. Click here and answer a few questions about your viewing preferences. Go ahead, its FREE and you can use the tool as many times as you like.

free tool to find best streaming option

Reliable internet provides much more than watching TV—fiber upgrades your life in so many ways! You and your family can have multiple connected devices operating at the same time. You can skip the waiting room and have a telehealth visit at home. Or you can cut the commute and enjoy the flexibility of remote work.

Better internet is on the way. And we’re excited for you to experience all of the positive changes fiber internet will provide.

#2: What You See Is What You Pay

You don’t like seeing surprises on a bill (and neither do we!). That’s why we don’t have hidden fees or fluctuating prices. What you see is what you pay. You can count on it being the same every month. We don’t send inflated bills or charge you for data cap overages. And if you want to make a change to your account, we’ll make sure to accommodate you.

Our pricing is straightforward and listed online, simply register your address at to see your offers. We’re committed to transparency and always happy to answer any questions you may have.

#3: Local Support and Service

We separate ourselves from cable companies right away by being a local service provider. Your neighbors are the ones installing the fiber lines, answering your questions on the phone, and helping you get connected. They’re members of your community and care what happens around here, just like you.

Our focus will always be serving you. We’re never going to strong-arm you into a contract you don’t want or restrict your access to great internet. Our job is to create a fiber internet network that makes your life better.

We understand that reliable internet access is essential for your family. It empowers you to pursue the remote career of your dreams and conduct telehealth visits from home. It ensures remote learning helps your child stay on track (without making you want to throw your computer out the window). And it enables family movie nights that aren’t interrupted by slow download speeds or dropped connections.

And when you have problems or there’s an issue, you can count on us to work hard—and quickly—to make things right.

If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, take a look at this chart and see how we compare to your cable provider:

fiber vs cable comparison chart

If fiber internet isn’t available in your neighborhood, don’t worry, it will be soon! You can stay up to date on the installation process by signing up at Then, you’ll be notified when fiber internet is available in your neighborhood. We can’t wait to get you connected!