high school computersGeneseo Communications delivers the fastest bandwidth speed in town to the students and faculty of Geneseo School District.

James Roodhouse, District Technologist is in charge of the bandwidth project for the school. The school district is almost at a one to one ratio of kids and computers, and at any one time there might be 1,400 to 1,600 people utilizing the Internet, said Roodhouse. It is important that the Internet be fast.

Matt Storm, General Manager of Geneseo Communications says “we have set-up the school district to increase their speed as their needs change in the future.” All of the bandwidth provided by Geneseo Communications is dedicated to the customer who subscribes to the service.

This means the school’s bandwidth is delivered directly to the school and not shared with homes and businesses in the same area. Sharing bandwidth will slow you down, Storm said.

It’s great that Geneseo Communications can provide this service, Roodhouse said. The increased bandwidth allows students and staff to have unlimited use of the Internet.