When Geneseo Communications got the call from Moline School District’s IT coordinator, Craig Reid that Franklin School found a temporary home and needed assistance getting connected; the company immediately put all existing projects on hold to help.

“We got the call on Monday, October 2nd,” said Kevin Stuart, Senior Account Executive for Geneseo Communications, “we did not hesitate. We pulled crews off our current fiber projects and directed our efforts to getting fiber built to the former WIU campus building in Moline, the current home of Franklin School. The city of Moline helped with our efforts by quickly pushing through our permit needs. We not only had fiber plowed to their new location by Friday, October 9th, we had them re-connected to the entire District’s existing fiber ring allowing them to communicate between schools at the same ultra-fast speed they currently had.”

Director for Technology, Craig Reid said, “It’s hard to convey how appreciative we are of Geneseo Communications and their extremely quick reaction to our need. A fast, reliable broadband connection is key to our operation both from an administrative level as well as a classroom level. An integral part to our teaching curriculum is access to digital content so students can benefit from the incredible online educational learning opportunities available.”

The School Board voted unanimously in 2016 to award Geneseo Communications, Inc. the bid to construct an all fiber network connecting all 14 district locations.

“The company has more than delivered on its promise,” said Moline School District Superintendent, Lanty McGuire. “Our district continues to enjoy and expand our learning capabilities through our new state-of-the-art fiber-optic network. The network has provided the district with new opportunities to collaborate and share resources bridging the digital divide that so many school districts face as well as helping us to significantly reduce our cost putting money back in our reserves for other school needs. Part of the reason we elected to go with Geneseo Communications for our fiber connection was they presented themselves as a local company committed to the communities they serve. That commitment was evident and proven in a big way this past week when the company quickly answered our high-speed connection needs due to the fire at Franklin. Geneseo Communications not only answered our need immediately, they did so delivering a completely new fiber connection to our temporary building,” he said.

About Geneseo Communications, Inc.
Geneseo Communications, Inc. is recognized as the area’s leader in high-speed internet and communication services providing data, voice and managed services in local, and extended area markets through its high-quality advanced fiberoptic network. For more information on Geneseo Communications, Inc.’s services, please call Kevin Stuart at 309-944-8024.