Plans for a new advanced fiber network for the Moline and Coal Valley schools became a reality as the Moline-Coal Valley school board members unanimously voted to take advantage of significant savings by selecting Geneseo Communications, Inc. to engineer, power and support the districts new fiber-optic network for the next 20 years.

Previously Moline-Coal Valley Schools paid $12,200 per month for high-speed service to its 14 district wide buildings; whereas, with the new agreement with Geneseo Communication, Inc. the cost will be $750 per month maintenance. Furthermore, the Moline-Coal Valley School District will be one of the first schools in the Quad Cities to receive up to 10 Gigabyte of broadband speeds.

The School Board voted unanimously to award a $675,000 bid to Geneseo Communications, Inc. to construct an all fiber network to connect the 14 district wide schools under a 20-year network lease agreement aimed at providing superior network access supporting the district’s growing technology needs while working within its budget constraints. Under the terms of this agreement, the School district will lease the facilities and Geneseo Communications, Inc. will maintain it.

The district’s Chief Financial Officer, Dave McDermott said “the district has been evaluating connectivity options for over four years. Geneseo Communications bid fully met the district’s request and I am confident they’ll provide the level of service we need at a much lower cost. This positions us to reallocate funding to other needs which is extremely beneficial to the district” he said.

“This district is saving public dollars, and getting faster connectivity”, said Scott Rubins, Geneseo Communications, Inc. CEO. “We understand the struggles all school districts are going through with federal and state funding and we strive to do our part to make every dollar go as far as possible.”

Kevin Stuart, Geneseo Communications Senior Account Executive, said “a goal for this multi-locational project is to connect the schools various locations through a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network. The network will provide the district with new opportunities to collaborate and share resources bridging the digital divide that so many school districts face as well as help significantly reduce their cost putting money back in their reserves for other school needs.”

The new network is expected to be up and running by the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

About Geneseo Communications, Inc.
For more information on how Geneseo Communications, Inc. can help your school district, please call Kevin Stuart at 309-944-8024. Geneseo Communications, Inc. is recognized as the areas leader in high-speed internet and communication services providing data, voice and managed services in local, and extended area markets through its high-quality advanced fiber-optic network.