Providing your children with the very best resources for their education is important to you, important to us and obviously important to the schools they attend.  That is why the following School Districts have selected Geneseo Communications to power your children’s online learning potential.

Annawan School District                                   Black Hawk College East & West Campus

Cambridge School District                                Galva School District

Geneseo School District                                     Kewanee School District

Wethersfield School District

All of the above School District’s selected Geneseo Communications to supply their fiber network so they can offer their students expanded bandwidth capabilities.

These newly installed fiber networks will be used to connect the schools via an optical-fiber communication system providing the schools with higher data rates for communication transfers between schools as well as more bandwidth for the classroom so students can access the internet at quicker speeds.

The plans were designed to give the above listed school districts a low-cost, easily deployable optical-fiber network. The system also enables these districts to easily expand its bandwidth capacity in the future. Fiber offers great flexibility and can be deployed as needed, based on each districts growth.

[Native Advertisement]Geneseo Communications designed each school districts fiber network system to significantly lower fiber deployment costs by applying new optical cable technologies that use diverse right-of-ways to connect the district administration offices to school locations.

High-speed Internet enhances every level of education from kindergarten through high school to college to graduate school.  Geneseo Communications, fiber network empowers these districts with fiber which mean limitless educational opportunities for these schools by no longer confining the education experience to the classroom.  These fiber networks will provide the schools with advanced communication capabilities including distance learning, video education, and video conferencing which facilitate remote collaboration with others as well as real-time video exploration.

These fiber networks position these school districts to embrace future technology as well as provide students with the very best online educational experiences.

About Geneseo Communications
Geneseo Communications is recognized as the areas leader in high-speed internet and communication services providing data, voice and managed services in local, and extended area markets through its high-quality advanced fiber optic network.  The company delivers the total package of communication, information and entertainment providing customers with premier technologies for today’s demands and tomorrow’s answers.