Geneseo Communications is proud to announce the completion of its 100% fiber internet build, officially declaring Geneseo and the Wolf Road Corridor certified gigabit communities

Geneseo, IL September 2023 – Geneseo Communications, the area’s leading fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) provider, announced today the completion of its 100 percent fiber optic internet expansion bringing gigabit-speed directly to homes and businesses throughout the City of Geneseo and the Wolf Rd corridor.

“We are so grateful that Geneseo Communications realized the need and invested in our community providing every resident and business in our city access to the fastest-possible internet speeds.” said Brandon Maeglin Geneseo City Administrator. “Access to reliable fast internet for work, healthcare, school and to stay in touch with loved ones, has become as important to our citizens as power and water” he said. “Having ubiquitous availability of fiber-optic broadband is a requirement for all levels of business, including the forecasted demand for business conducted from residents’ homes. Geneseo Communications expansion of high-capacity and reliable broadband positions Geneseo to attract even more business, enhance customer lifestyles, and positions Geneseo for economic development.”

Geneseo Communications began this project in 2021 and invested more than $8 million on this multi-year fiber expansion project. “We are proud to be able to provide residents and businesses throughout the City of Geneseo and Wolf Road area with our 100 percent fiber optic network that delivers symmetrical internet speed directly to homes and business,” said Mike McClain, Geneseo Communications CEO. “We would like to thank the City of Geneseo as well as many other community leaders in their support as we worked to make Geneseo and the Wolf Rd area Certified Gigabit communities.”

About Geneseo Communications
Geneseo Communications is recognized as the area’s leader in high-speed internet and communication services providing internet, voice, and managed services in local markets through its high-quality advanced network. Geneseo Communications is committed to being a strong partner to the communities it serves.

Residents and business interested in Geneseo Communications service may visit to learn more about the project, what fiber means and to register their interest in connecting fiber to their home or business.