How to Help Someone in Your Family Cut the Cord

If you’re already a savvy saver and perhaps even a tech-enthusiast, the chances are good that you’ve already cut the cable cord and gone all-in on streaming for your home entertainment—and probably done so long ago! But chances are equally good that you know someone in your family that is…well, set in their ways.

You’ve tried telling them that Geneseo Communication’s high-speed fiber internet delivers pristine streaming picture quality for movies and TV series, along with reliable service they can count on, as well the benefits of eliminating the excessive clunky cable boxes and wiring, too.  And with prices higher for just about everything these days, the cost-savings of dumping cable TV are perhaps the most compelling reason for your loved ones to leap to streaming with fiber!

No matter how hard you’ve tried, though, many family members remain fiercely stubborn about switching from cable. To help you—and them—we’ve put together some advice to help convince your friends and family to drop cable and switch to fiber. We’ll also highlight some of MyBundle’s sophisticated (but simple) tools and features to demonstrate just how much better streaming is than cable, as well as provide tips on choosing streaming devices.

Step 1: Explain Why Fiber Is the Best Technology to Stream Entertainment

First, we recommend you explain as simply as possible why fiber internet’s cutting-edge technology means your loved ones don’t need cable anymore to enjoy at-home entertainment. Though some people are spooked by some of the techno-jargon, a few simple bullet points are all you need.

For starters, unlike other kinds of internet, fiber transmits data at around the speed of light! Other kinds of internet just can’t match fiber’s jaw dropping download speeds.

Fiber transfers internet along a unique material consisting of thin, flexible, tightly-wound glass-like hairs, which are exceptionally resilient and strong. That makes fiber internet far more reliable than coxial-based cable, which is an older, brittle material notoriously prone to creases and even breaks that interrupt service.

By utilizing fiber’s incredible download speeds, your tech-skeptic family members can enjoy all the TV and movies they could possibly want—just as they always did with a cable subscription. Should they have additional technical questions about how fiber internet works, they can always reach out to the friendly and helpful representatives at Geneseo Communications.

Step 2:  Select a Streaming Device

Now that your streaming-skeptic family members have a better understanding of fiber’s incredible speed and reliability advantages over cable, it’s time to make sure they have the right streaming devices they need to put it to good use. At first, this can seem somewhat daunting, as there are many different brands to choose from.

The simplest option is to choose a smart TV. Smart TVs are already able to connect to your home’s internet and many even have the most popular apps programmed right into them. Once set up and connected to Geneseo Communication’s fiber internet, your loved ones can start their streaming adventure immediately!

For those who would rather keep their existing TVs (or at least not replace every television in the house), the next best option is to purchase a streaming device, which will attach to any television with an HDMI port. The streaming device—usually a streaming stick—is plugged into a power source and then connected to the HDMI port of a television. A quick, simple setup will connect it to the home’s Wi-Fi, as explained in this brief video on setting up Roku streaming devices (but which generally applies to most companies’ streaming gadgets as well). Or Fire Stick streaming device.



But how do you help your family select a streaming device? Well, one or more of these streaming devices may make the most sense for them depending on other services they may already use or subscribe to, as well as the other technology in their home.

For example, if your family loves its iPhones, iPads, and Mac laptops, then Apple TV may be the best option for you, as Apple TV will sync brilliantly with those other Apple devices. Similarly, for people using Google Home and its products, Chromecast may suit best. For Amazon (and Alexa) aficionados, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick may be the superior option. And of course, we’ve already mentioned the ever-popular Roku and its wide range of streaming sticks and devices.

Step 3: Use our FREE Streaming Tool to choose your apps and channels

Now it’s time to move on to the fun part of encouraging your loved ones to cut the cable cord for good—showing them the vast amount of streaming content available today through our FREE Streaming Tool! And the easiest way to allay fears that leaving cable behind means losing their favorite content is to put our FREE Streaming Tool to work!

This Quiz helps viewers create a package of streaming apps and channels—and, crucially, to make sure that it is complete. It gently walks even the most-spooked technophobe through simple questions designed to find the kinds of content they’re most likely to enjoy. And that includes live TV such as news and sports that some people mistakenly think are off-limits to streamers.

Utilizing our Free Streaming Tool literally shows your family what they can still watch with fiber—and without a cable subscription. It’s a reassuring—and essential—step toward cutting the cord!

Following these three simple steps should make it easier to convince even the most avowed technophobe about the advantages of streaming with fiber over keeping antiquated cable TV.  Click here to learn more about our FREE Streaming Tool and how it can help you and your family get the most out of their streaming experience. And check out Geneseo Communication’s social pages for more tips on navigating the world of streaming entertainment!