Communication is critical when it comes to emergency response. With help from Henry County Telephone Company, Annawan Alba Fire District has an improved emergency transmission system. “Clear communication can be the difference of life or death,” said Dan Johnson, Fire Chief of Annawan Alba Fire Protection District. “When an emergency call comes in it is imperative that we get word to our members quickly and accurately. Our volunteer fire-fighters carry pagers which are electronic devices that alert them to emergencies. When a 911 call is received, they notify members by sending out a tone. That tone is transmitted over the pager loud enough to wake a firefighter if they are sleeping. Once the tone sounds, a recording of the dispatcher’s voice detailing the emergency is delivered. These new pagers will deliver information more quickly plus allow the fire-fighter to replay the message if necessary,” Johnson said. “When someone isn’t breathing or there’s a house fire, seconds count; clear and accurate information is key. We are truly grateful for Henry County Telephone Company’s support; their help will allow us to improve our response time in an emergency which ultimately will help save lives.”

“Being a strong community partner is central to our mission as we are committed to advancing the communities we serve,” said Karen Kohne, President and CEO of Henry County Telephone Company. “Donating the funds necessary to purchase this new communication equipment is a natural fit for our company as we believe strongly in efforts that positively impact the lives of area residents. Helping the Annawan Alba Fire Protection District improve their ability to respond to someone in need is in direct relation to our mission.”

About Henry County Telephone Company
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